"Stardust" by Snowflake

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Stardust (feat. AuntBeast)

By Madam Snowflake

My thoughts are a wheel
Turning my mind
Leads to the question

What is the meaning of life?

I rehearse a thousand silent responses
Following the shaded path of each idea
Arriving at the same blazing end of the trail

How could I know?

Before I began I was stardust
And one day I’ll be dust again

This tower of structure and law
Is less permanent
Than you or me

But what of energy?
This spark without form
Emits light

The day will come when
Oxygen fails
And 21 grams escapes

And I will

Do atoms see or hear?
Do quarks know love?

I keep asking
Turning the wheels
With questions
I can never answer.

The stars that brought me here
Will have to retrieve me.

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I made uploaded some melodies for both 'State We're In' by Javolenus and 'Stardust' by Snowflake. Thanks! Was fun to play with both lyrics!! AuntBeast Reply