"Best Day Yet (Bouncy bass line upbeat. Ridiculously cheerful!)" by Zenboy1955

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I think this song would work well with an instrumental number that I submitted back in 09/2023 ("Best Day Yet"). The Hammond organ carries the melody in that instrumental, and I've written some absurdly optimistic lyrics that you can change as you like. Revamp any of it as you see fit.


Sometimes all our horizons seem stormy and gray
But don’t...
Don’t give in to despair ‘cuz all storms blow away
Just look
To the stars in the sky when it’s dark in the night
Just look
For the dawn that is coming
The sun will be rising
And baby, you know that I’m right

Oh, I know
I know that sometimes life is getting to you
Yes, I know
I know ‘cuz sometimes it’s been getting me too

But change has always happened
So it’s the safest bet
So when a cold wind’s blowin’
Remember this secret:
You just haven’t had your best day yet
You haven’t had your best day yet
Don’t fret about the future
Don’t pout about the past
And as for hard times now
Well, “now” never lasts
So you haven’t had your best day yet.

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I love this.

Makes me think of my niece. She's four and it's interesting that she tends to be pessimistic and says things like, "this is the worst day of my life!" I like to challenge her with things like, "okay, then lets change it. What would make it better?" So we brainstorm some ideas to make it better... anyway... yeah. Kara Square Reply