"Three Ring Engagement" by Zenboy1955

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Three Ring Engagement

I've submitted a spoken word mix for these lyrics. If anyone wants to sing the lyrics, you'll find the melody sketched out in the "Vibes" file.

Well, he found her in a Friday’s
On a Monday afternoon
She was hoping to hustle a nice tip
From this college-kid Tycoon
They shared suicidal ideations
But found that it was all much too soon
For Love to soothe their open wounds
(Love might heal their weeping wounds)

She said she was headed for the Big Top
To become a Princess Acrobat
He asked if he could just tag along
To cover incidentals, and all that
She decided he could travel with her
If he could watch her kids during her act
And maybe fix them a nutritious Circus Snack

Well, they made it as far as Colorado
When his college funds ran totally dry
Gassing-up his used Silverado
In which, her kids would usually cry
He had suicidal ideations
As he watched them all waving goodbye
From the back of a Circus Semi
(Bye bye!)

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