"One Day Without Me" by Javolenus

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One day without me
One day that's all I need
Fly away and feel so free
One day ... one day ... one day ...

See you crawling on the floor
Hear you scratching on the door
Your situation is crazy
And I need one day without me

Say you don't know what to do
Stuck in so many shades of blue
I'd dearly love to set you free
But I need one day without me

Hate so much to see you cry
Tears flow on the inside
I want to give you sanctuary
But I need one day without me

Too many troubles on your head
No need to tumble out of bed
Maybe it's time to flee
And I need one day without me

[© Javolenus 2013]

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"And I need one day without me" is such a great line. Radioontheshelf Reply