"Cities And Towns" by Radioontheshelf

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I was still a child when I first left home
Sixteen years and still not grown
I had to leave it couldn't be postponed
God I thought I had all the answers
Busses and trains and an old rucksack
Only looking forward never looking back
All my beliefs under attack
I thought my family were the cancer

In the city I performed my songs
Simple chords but really strong
I knew It was here that I belonged
New friends to talk and play with
And Stephen sang an angelic voice
He looked for fame it was his choice
But he needed drugs and he would rejoice
When the needle hit a blue vein

Then as the years passed away
I heard a voice inside me say
Its time to leave be on your way
Head back to the homeland
And as I tried to make some sense
Of all I'd done to mend the fence
I knew there'd be no recompense
For this old rock and roll man

Just as the sun and moon hold sway
And stars appear and the light gives way
The souls cry out won't be delayed
Home is out there calling
The greatest of the truths will tell
The story of the ringing bell
That calls you back your tales to tell
The stories of the blind ones

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